• 150mm x 50mm = $5.00 + $1.50 postage

Vinyl Graphics

  • 100mm x 100mm = $5.00 + $1.50 postage

For Sale Signs

  • standard size for rear window of your car - FOR SALE 0000 000 000
  • 900mm X 130mm = $22.50 +$3.00 postage

Website Signs

  • standard size for rear window or any panel of your car -
  • 900mm x 130mm = $22.50 +$3.00 postage

Colours available at present are:

  • white
  • blue
  • grey
  • red
  • black
  • hot pink

We are adding more items all the time.

If there is something that you require that is not listed please do not hesitate to email us and we will do our utmost to help.

If you would like a different size to the above contact us and we can give you a quote.

Below is an example of an order that we did just recently.



These numbers are 200mm high by 70mm wide and are perfect for putting on your bin, of course they can be used for any number of other things, such as house numbers, locker numbers, whatever you want.

They are $4.00 each or $3.50 each for 4 or more, postage is $1 for up to 10 numbers 

Bin Numbers


These can be put on a wall, window, door or pretty much any hard surface that is non-porous.

They are removable, but we cannot guarantee that there will be no damage to surface when removed, as we don't know the condition of the surface prior to vinyl being applied.

We are more than happy to send you a sample of vinyl so that you can try it for yourself.

If you have a favourite saying or quote let us know, we will give you a quote.

We have many fonts available.