ID / Dog Tags 


$5.00 each

Print a photo, design or company logo

onto one of these double sided  white tags

for an inexpensive personalised gift.

 Made from Ultracoat Aluminium.

Round, Heart, Dog Bone, Australia, Star



RADAR - Riverina and District Animal Rescue has initiated the
"Tag a Cat" program
So many cats are lost and never returned to their owners all because they have no obvious form of identification. Your cat may be microchipped but a lot of people do not have the means to get it to the vet or council to be scanned.
RADAR's "Tag a Cat" program is a way to have your cat easily identified and easily returned to you.
The idea is to have your cats name and your contact number on the tag so that all that is needed is a phone call. Also if you like you can have the cats picture on one side and the name and phone number on the other.
Of course these are also ideal for dogs.
Tags are only $5.00 each + $1.00 postage and will give you peace of mind that if your cat or dog wanders off they can be quickly returned to you.